Here you can find my monsters, maps, mutators and tutorials for Unreal Tournament 2004 (UT2004).

If you like my creations please consider making a donation.

Check out my tutorials if you are trying to create your own monsters. The “Unreal Uncodex” shows all of the default class scripts and some of my own custom ones. It can be used to see how various monsters were coded and how the function all work together.

I am also hosting the “Invasion Vault” – a back up of monster files.  Contact me if you would like to add to the vault.

If you need to contact me, you can do so at .

Happy gibbing!

23 responses to “Home”

  1. lao

    Thanks ini, that worked great.

  2. Norman

    nice game

  3. mGm_Lizard

    I will definitely be sending you a donation. Thank you for hosting all of the content. 🙂

  4. R Woof

    Hi Ini,

    Thank you for all your hard work!

    I’m running another invasion server again after all these years.

    Bloodiest Hell – InvasionRPG

    Has most of your monsters added. Thanks!
    Located in California. I’m Australian but that location seemed more central, and is still playable for me.

  5. squígz99

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can find Godlike RPG.. I’ve been looking for a long time but cannot find it. Most specifically I’m looking for the dragon’s class which is unavailable online nor the rpg has it’s official website running. Need a response asap.


    1. ButterBrezel

      Godlike RPG was available on my server ([Utan] Godlike-rpg.de invasion) this has been offline for years, the Dragonc class was only available on this and my three other servers

  6. NOMAN

    hoi there I need some help if you can help me . and I like to know how to change wave 16 in to the 20 = this is for ut2004 —
    and I also like to know how to make normal skins in to invasion monster is there a mod or matador for to do this ? of how to you do it ?

    big THX

    1. ButterBrezel

      Hello, this RPG is self-made of several RGBs and also extended itself this runs on any server, only on my NAS

  7. David

    NOMAN – Use Invasion Pro game mode to get more waves easily – soo easily.

    Shaun – Thank you so much for hosting this site! I really hope this can continue into the future!

  8. Dr.Flay

    Is the forum closed ?
    I’d like to discuss monster spawn stuff.

    1. vectoravtech

      im interested in increasing the monsters spawned in SMP. any help is greatly appreciated.

  9. vectoravtech

    is there a way to offload from the engine just to handle monsters any better then preloading? like a ut2004 helper engine since ut2004 didn’t consider custom monsters.

  10. rjunikum

    Hello comrade thanks alot, now i can rebuild UTAN UtC invasion server

  11. Loyal Customer

    I’d love to play more of this game and game mode, but I always find myself running into the 32-bit memory limit. I really wish this game got a 64-bit makeover someday because it kind of breaks my heart a bit.

  12. Hugo

    Hi Ini

    remember me from back in the day? I used to play instagib with you and Hazel.H all night long, my ut name as “atom”.
    Hope you are keeping well

    – Hugo

  13. vectoravtech

    Heres version 2 you sent me until you update the trial trans https://www.mediafire.com/file/9wxf2b3fop3bcot/TrialsTransv2.zip/file

  14. vectoravtech

    let me rephraze that what can I change inside SMP that I can do without any fancy coding, like say change something in SMP.ini

  15. james norberg

    Heres some ghostballs in action https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onA-9HqmqkA

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