Mutators for UT2004

Custom mutators  for UT2004, including a new reworked Invasion game type (InvasionPro). Most of the mods are designed to work with the Invasion game type (or game types based on Invasion).

Quake 4 Weapons v2
Doom 3 Weapons v1 Gibable Corpses v2
Unreal 1 MonsterSwapper v2 Now with Sets! MonsterSwapper v3 Now with Sets!
Necromancy Combo v3 Trials Translocator
Team Shuffle v1 Monster Artifact Drop v2
Wave Names v1 MeshPreload v6
Monster Score Manager Pikachu Player Skin
Rainbow Shock Rifle v3 Invasion Commands v3
Weapon Replacement v2 Boss Waves v6
InvasionPro Game Type Note: This is a new game type Monster Mutations v5
Deathmatch Everywhere Note: This is a new game type, deathmatch on any map type. Team Deathmatch Everywhere Note: This is a new game type, team deathmatch on any map type.
Monster Kill Sounds Wire Skin Monsters – v2
Preloaders Invasion Damage Config
Wave End Confirmer v2 Invasion Loading Screens
Petz IniLand
Starting Weapons v5 Cow-Launcher
Combos Aerial View Mut

9 responses to “Mutators for UT2004”

  1. zy

    great mods; some good monster packs to choose from. Last night I even dreamed playing invasion pro with friends but using monsters from the game: “Killing Floors”

    1. zy

      I forgot to mention , I found a menu bug in the invasion pro mode. The problem is that one cannot pick bot roster or bot team with “pick roster” Option. The problem is that it seems to be stuck on the team death match team roster menu instead of the standard invasion team roster.

  2. reter

    WOW this muts are so good! THANKS!

  3. D3l3rium

    The link for “Preloaders” isn’t working, its giving me a “Page Not Found” error.
    Is it supposed to link to “Super Monster Preload v2” ?
    Because i downloaded that one from the “related files” under “MeshPreload v6”.
    Just letting you know.

  4. rjunikum

    Hey, how can i change EXP gain from monsters in UT2004RPG invasion??(((

  5. Ernestas

    I’m wondering is there any way to cycle quake + doom + unreal weapons in the same time? I mean to change like every 30 seconds the weapons on their spawn location change from quake to doom, from doom to unreal and so on

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