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  1. Brian


    Im running my own personal UT2004RPG server with Druids 226. [LAN]
    I cannot for anything in the world get this mutator to work.
    It shows up in mutator list, but it does not have an entry in the “configure mutator” window.

    Also I tried putting in several manual entries in the “MonsterScoreConfig.ini” but the score is not counted in game.
    I even tried to find the file where the monsters score are stated, but I cant find anything. :/

    If this site still being supervised I could really need some help, could be awesome to get this to work.
    Been coming here for the past 13 years or so, and have REALLY appreciated all the awesome mods you have, thank you buddy 🙂

    Regards Brian

  2. Brian

    Hi! I have tried everything to get this to work, the mutator appears on the list, but does not have an entry when you try to configure it, I am running a small personal DruidsRPG226 server. When setting the score in the ini, the points are not calculated, I cant even find any mentioning of score in the original monsters ini files, its like the score is calculated automatically based on UT2004, can you help? Thank you so much, I play with several of you awesome mutators, but this is the only one I Cannes get to work, 🙁 regards Brian

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