I made these sky box textures using Terragen, some of them were re-touched in a paint program. They are available here in BMP format so that they can be easily converted for import by different applications. You are free to use these textures for non-commerical purposes. Each skybox comes as a set of 6 images, (North, East, South, West, Top and Bottom) 1024 x 1024 in dimensions.

Skybox: Shinae Shinae | 7.22 MB
Skybox: Adyion Adyion | 2.52 MB
Skybox: Chasmo Chasmo | 4.65 MB
Skybox: Arcane Arcane | 8.20 MB
Skybox: Thuliac - Night Thuliac – Night | 4.08 MB
Skybox: Thuliac - Day Thuliac – Day | 3.64 MB
Skybox: Nidor Nidor | 5.42 MB


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