Useful Links

A list of useful UT2004 links.

  • 3ds2unr – 3DS2UNR .3ds importing tool.
  • ActorX – Animation Plug-in for 3ds Max and Maya.
  • ECE Bonus Pack 1 – ECE Bonus Pack 1 – Includes six new characters, three new vehicles (the Paladin, the Cicada, and the SPMA), and four unique new Onslaught maps.
  • Offline Unreal Wiki – The Unreal Wiki files for viewing offline.
  • Patch 3369 – The latest patch for UT2004.
  • The Invasion Vault – A backup of known monster files.
  • Tutorial .uc Files – zip containing the .uc files for the monster tutorials.
  • UccComp v4.exe – Simple but Awesome Compiling Program made by Rene “LT” Kok.
  • UDN – The UDN Unreal Engine 2 Sitemap.
  • UDN – ActorX – Grab the latest version of ActorX from here.
  • UModel – Tool that can extract resources from UT2004 packages, such as PSK and PSA files.
  • UnCodeX – UT2004 – Online UT2004 classes and some of my own.
  • UnrealWiki – The UnrealWiki HomePage.
  • UTCacheExtractor210 – UT Cache Extractor.
  • UTPT – Unreal Tournament Package Tool for viewing and extracting resources from the game (version
  • UT2k3 Character Models – zip containing the original 3ds Max files for the characters for ut2k3. Including animations.
  • UT2004 Characters – The Unreal Character files for Photoshop.
  • UT2004 Exported Classes – The decompiled UT2004 scripts.
  • UT2004 Logo – The Unreal Logo files for Photoshop.
  • WOTgreal Package Exporter – Unreal Tournament Package Tool for viewing and extracting resources from the game (version
  • – Models and Skins for UT2003/4.
  • 109 Various Animal Sounds – Animal Sounds you can use/edit for Monsters/Weapons etc…

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  1. DeepC

    Me and a friend are getting back into the UT scene as of about a month ago after the sudden urge to express our creativity has arisen again (tied in with a smidge of nostalgia), but I’m having difficulty finding a version of Maya or Max that support any of the ActorX versions on UDN. I was wondering if you know of any user updated versions of ActorX that would support the more recent revisions of Maya/Max, or of a plugin for Blender that can do all that ActorX can do?

    On another note thanks for hosting this site for all these years, you’ve saved so much content from disappearing into the ether!

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