The Invasion Vault

The Invasion Vault

The Invasion Vault

I am now hosting the Invasion Vault in the hope that these files never disappear. If you have or know of any files that should be added to the vault then please leave me a message or send me an email. The Invasion Vault is here for your convenience. Instead of trawling the internet and clicking dead links over and over, the Invasion Vault can be your one stop place for all UT2004 monster related files. That is its only purpose.

Models and Skins

Monster Packs

Misc Mods and Muts

3 responses to “The Invasion Vault”

  1. Steven O'Malley

    Great job for archiving this stuff, thank you!

  2. Ernestas

    Thank you very much, I’m a returning player and I’m very happy to see much awesome stuff on this website!

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