Gibable Corpses

This mutator allows corpses to be gibbed further, it also allows you to set how much fatal damage will cause a player to gib completely.

Read the readme file for help with configuring the new version.

GibableCorpsesv2 Download

Older Versions & Related Files


9 responses to “Gibable Corpses”

  1. TonyTheSlayer

    Awesome work, ini! I didn’t think you’d even still be hanging around doing stuff for UT2004! It’s good to see you’re still kicking. Come visit the server I got going on sometime. I’m looking to probably throw more stuff into it soon. 🙂

  2. Shacobi

    Doubt this’ll get answered but is there a way to make this mod work with bots? it seems to only work whenever my character dies, meanwhile bots just default to being ungibbable

  3. Shacobi

    Disregard the previous posts, I got the mod working, Turns out using custom bot selectors (aka choosing someone like xan, clan lord and malcolm all in the game session) makes it not work, using map default bots works tho

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