Maps for UT2004


Map Description: “A dimensional membrane connects 4 worlds around a central energy spire.”
This is a fast paced map for a low player count. I made this map with both Deathmatch and Invasion in mind. I wanted to create
a map that utilized the Unreal engines multiple sky box capability.

Map Size = 25.5mb (zipped)

Ideal Player Count = 2-4

DM-Tecta Download


Map Description: “The particles in Thuliacs atmosphere are lethal if inhaled. A force-field is in place which keeps the particles out. This newly discovered planet is rich with thulium deposits, which also makes for a beautiful backdrop in which to fight.”

Map Size = 11.2mb (zipped)

Ideal Player Count = 3-6

DM-Thuliac Download


Map Description: “The vaporous fields of Nidor conceal dangerous toxic pods that combatants must avoid in order to secure victory.”

Map Size = 13.2mb (zipped)

Ideal Player Count = 4-8

DM-Nidor Download


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