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  1. Papasfritas

    Doom3 + Quake 4 weapons
    Wow, overall, this is fantastic. With the monsters, this is so fun. They mix well with the U2 weapons (haha, The Bono Launcher, and, The Edge)
    -some weapons are not visible without small weapons checked

    -in Worm + Swap Tool I get confusing naming conflicts – ie, load up the Q4 Grenade Launcher but get the base game GL.
    So, if in wherever the names that show in the UI are assigned the actual package names, that should fix that issue?
    (rename Rocket Launcher as Q4RocketLauncher / D3RocketLauncher, rename Shotgun as Q4Shotgun / D3Shotgun, rename
    Lightning Gun as Q4LightningGun, rename Grenade Launcher as Q4GrenadeLauncher, rename Machinegun(s) D3Machinegun / Q4Machinegun )

    -can use weaponstuff to add link secondary link fire to hyperblaster, to play onslaught 🙂

    -I had technical problems that cleared up after deleting the weaponstuff config file

    -option for scopes for the machinegun and railgun would be nice; … a heat vision option for rail gun?
    Pretty sure there is something like that in ballistic

    -3rd person textures for Doom3 models look low compared to first person
    -plasma rifle damage power up overlay functions but bleeds over sides of weapon
    -dark matter gun sometimes causes a crash (I also get this with chaos gravity gun)

    Even if you don’t address any of these issues the weapons are very nice fun addition to UT. Great work!

  2. phobos

    this is awesome,youre badass for sharing and making this mutator and even have reload animations,the arms from the doomguy and the weapon hud working really nice work dude,can you make a mutator with Command and Conquer Renegade weapons and the Chrome(its the name of the game itself from 2003 not the browser)too? i think both fit UT as well would be awesome if you can do that of course.

  3. Papasfritas

    I swapped the plasma fire with the halo plasma in weapon stuff, but otherwise all is the same… very fun messing around

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