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  1. Eila

    I’m having trouble with this. I have both this and the Doompawns, but they overlap.

    What I mean is using Satore Monster Pack to set a wave to have Doom 3 Cacodemons, makes it use the original Doom Cacodemons instead because they both have the same names.

    Any way I can get around this?

  2. Eila

    I just differentiated the monsters. Like I had the Doompawns Cacodemon, and the Doom 3 Cacodemon both labelled as Cacodemon in the menu.

    I just added D3 to the MonsterName of all the Doom 3 monsters and now it seems to differentiate and I can use both.

  3. tom

    hello ut2004 fans wanted to know if you can help me install monsterpackv3 doom. The problem is this: I put the files where they belong and also copy and pege lines satore.ini.despues monsters in that copy and pege this ServerPackages = DoomMonsterPackv3 in ut2004.ini where Engine.GameEngine says. the problem is that when I’m in the game and select monsters mutator Satore to begin the invasion of monsters that I chose not to appear. nice if someone could give me a solution to this I would appreciate sends greetings tomyjax

  4. DJHellray

    i have a problem with vagaryv3 it seems it’s not shooting projectiles normally they shoot very rarely

  5. May

    Nice post

  6. DJHellray

    so i got this weird thing where vagary overlapp in waves like i put her on a certain wave and then the wave after that one has vagarys in it even if shes not listed in it, any way to fix this?

  7. DJHellray

    for some reason some of ther doom 3 monsters dont work

  8. Kyle

    Hello, Doom 3 monsters work, except the Brusier monster. Crashes whenever he spawns. Also I have a Vagary model, all rigged, and fully playable as a player model that I never even knew I had in the .ukx folder. Looks like something that was made for UT2003, but most likely for UT2004 since it has a driver animation. It works well, except if you kill it with regular weapons the game crashes. Link Gun stream will turn it into a regular skeleton, but a regular kill is a no go.

    Now I’m 100% NOT a model person or coding etc, but definitely love doing skinning and finding hidden lost treasures of UT2003 and UT2004. Any input about the ragdoll usage or how to apply it in the .upl? Possibly a .ka for that specific model? So far I took a guess and used DoomMonsters.ka as a ragdoll, but now when you kill her the game will not crash, BUT she will not go limp or gib. Appreciate the answer, keep them monsters coming. Maybe bring the Doom Eternal monsters in.

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