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  1. Friend

    Hi. I am having a trouble adding the so called animations notifier to my moded player character.
    I took a ready player character, exported it and moded it in 3ds max, then I exported it to PSK file using ACtorX without any errors.

    In the animationbrower. I click file> mesh import and I import this mesh file I created with actorx, and name the package “MyNewPackage” or something like that. Then in the right panel, I click on animations and I add the vanilla animation file from the game. Then I click the blue-ish button, “Attach animation to mesh”. Then UnrealEd loads all the animations in the list on the left, and I can play them without problem. But when I click on the Notify tab, its greyed out and I cannot click on the add button! Please help me. What I am doing wrong?

  2. Friend

    Hi I think I solved my problem. I guess for custom characters that use ONLY the vanilla game animations and information, theres no need to add these notify things. I will test this in the next few days and tell you what happened.
    I am still waiting for your reply on this question, though.

  3. TonyTheSlayer

    One thing I want to add is that if you are using an AnimNotify_Script, the function it calls cannot be replicated or else the notify won’t trigger during online play.

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