7 responses to “Duke Nukem Monsters”

  1. ray hough

    having troubles with this pack client side freezing up before loading screen.

    one of the maps is DM-Suburban_Christmas-INV-V1 there are a lot more.

  2. ray hough

    no it do not say anything the server thinks its ok but you cannot connect take the pack out its ok and plays fine
    also same thing with quakemonsters4 and dakeron pack.

    mostly it happens on the maps from dw clan do not know if something they put in there maps that causes this.

    the older monster packs work fine.

  3. ray hough

    I think I know what is going on the maps im having trouble with has a couple of errors in each map soon as I can repair one i’ll let you know if that was it.

  4. DJHellray

    there’s no way to preload 2d meshes right?

  5. DJHellray

    i love duke monsters thanks allot for this

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