5 responses to “Half-Life 1 Monster Pack”

  1. tomyjaxx

    iniquitous help !!! download half life monsters.
    all well extract everything in place and put the lines in satore.ini.
    but to begin the invasion not only normales.por monsters appear please I do appear !!!

  2. DDDX

    Same thing for me – will not work. I got Dragons, Doom monsters, HL2, to name a few, but these – I cannot get to work and I don’t know why. All is set up as should be/as instructed.
    Any help is appreciated.
    (Info: invPRO and standard (inv+Satore) both tried)

  3. DJHellray

    ninalith still teleports you even if its on off

  4. Dovahbear

    I know I’m 3 years late, but you got the names wrong in the last image. That’s a bullsquid, not a gonome, and that’s a shock trooper, not a grunt.

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