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  1. Frank

    Hey, just wanted to say that this is my favorite Invasion mod for UT!
    By the way, have you thought about expanding on the Pets system? Like being able to set up evolutionary paths for specific monsters, Brutes to Behemoths and Mercs to Elite Mercs for example? Or adding some new Auras, even the Dekaron Monster Auras would be welcome; The Fire Aura could cause damage over time and be nullified by water, etc. Or even making the Pets system a standalone in different modes? Just throwing some ideas out there.

  2. ix

    Really nice GT!

    Hovewer if I play a map where there’s already a monster set, this GT will crawl (FPS 0-4) after about 10 seconds from the start.

    Tried the same map, but removed the monster and no issues.

  3. mornard

    first, i want to thank you for the very good job you made for this great (perhaps the most interesting monster mod) work.
    I tried to use new monster with your mode, especially tu u2creatures (http://www.moddb.com/games/unreal-tournament-2004/addons/unreal-2-invasion-monsters-beta-41) and I have some problem with some monsters: some of this are not properly aligned on the z-axis.
    I try to reset monster caracteristics to default but the problem remains. This problem doesn’t appear using invasion mod or invasion everywhere mutator.
    Apparently, save always write x,y and z new value with an incorrect z value: is it possible to remove information from the ini file?

  4. mornard

    I find the problem: my ini configuration is invalid for some monster, so I try to reset to default value but I forget to click to edit mode button. If you click on reset only, value change on screen but can’t be saved. I thing it’s a little bug

  5. Woof

    Hiya Ini,

    Just wondering if this is correct and would work. MonsterStartTag=PathNode,RoadPathNode,HoverPathNode,AssaultPath,PlayerStart,ShootSpot,BlueShootSpot,RedShootSpot,TriggeredPlayerStart

    Just getting spawn issues on some maps.

  6. Woof

    They tend to spawn only in 1 area in certain maps, making it too easy xD, would DruidMonsterMover be an option?

  7. Woof

    Yep got me puzzled xD Druidmonstermover doesn’t seem to do anything either. It’s like they are spawning at bases even though that option is set to false. Even in maps that don’t have team bases lol..

    1. Woof

      All is good now. Figured out a solution.

      1. Woof

        Got MonsterMover working through DM (mutator loader)

  8. Taz

    Hey there I love everything you do here this mod has helped me so much especially for the fact that I can have your monsters for instant action and i’m able to play online to it is awesome. But to the point of why i’m leaving a comment. I have ran into a problem where this error pops up every time I try to run this specific game mode

    MutUT2004RPG DM-1on1-Albatross.MutUT2004RPG (Function UT2004RPG.MutUT2004RPG.BotLevelUp:07F0) Runaway loop detected (over 10000000 iterations)

    History: FFrame::Serialize <- UObject::ProcessEvent <- (InvasionPro DM-1on1-Albatross.InvasionPro, Function UnrealGame.DeathMatch.PendingMatch.Timer) <- AActor::Tick <- TickAllActors <- ULevel::Tick <- (NetMode=0) <- TickLevel <- UGameEngine::Tick <- Level Albatross <- UpdateWorld <- MainLoop <- FMallocWindows::Free <- FMallocWindows::Realloc <- 10910191 0 FArray <- FArray::Realloc <- 0*2 <- FMallocWindows::Free

    Now i'm not sure if it is invasion pro that is broken or if its something else so if you could please help me with this email me (dont judge my account XD) gamingtaz42gmail.com Thank you for the help Iniquitous and keep up the good work!! 🙂

    1. Taz

      Thats supposed to be gamingtaz4@gmail.com my bad lol

    2. Woof

      That’s the UT2004RPG mod crashing, looks like that error when bots are too high of a level, they run out of skills to buy and rpg crashes at that point.

      1. Woof

        DruidsRPG has a dummy skill available just for bots, just for that reason lol.

  9. Woof

    Hiya Ini,

    Sorry to be a bother, but I’ve gotten an issue with wave difficulty. I’ve set all wave configs in ut2004, satore(not active, but setup just in-case), and InvasionPro to have difficulty at 0.01 but past wave 16, monsters start getting crazy health boosts, which is a problem with 61 waves lol.

    I really can’t find any other settings in all the ini files.
    Any ideas or solutions to this?

    Thank you Iniquitous.

    1. Woof

      Worked around it by making monsters have 1 quarter of their original health, and raised early waves difficulty. Sloppy but balanced it more. Piercing and vorpal weapons are also there when it gets too impossible lol.

  10. DDDX

    Greetings. I have decided to give the old UT2004 a go again, and downloaded this FINE peace of work. It really does improve on all aspect of previous invasion and Satore – apart from one. I cannot (or do not know) how to configure, lets say, a 20% chance that a spawned monster will be x1.5 size x3 attack and x1.5 value. Or what good old Satore monster config used to do for me. It really brings up the randomness of each game, with low chances of 10% or less, iregularily triggering, each new game in a different wave or for a different monster…can I set up a monster chance % that some of them per wave will be smaller+faster, or bigger+stronger? And how? Thank you

  11. DJHellray

    for some reason the pets just dont level up they get points but no level up points

    1. DJHellray

      forget it if i add more then 100 points to level up it just never does lol

  12. DJHellray

    is 30 monster types per wave really the max or i can add more?

  13. K-Bone

    So where exactly in the InvasionPro ini file do I put the MonsterTable= lines? I ask because the readme file only says to put them in the ini file, but never mentions what section they need to be in.

  14. pete9516

    hey Iniquitous, nice mod! but i have some suggestions for you and i have a strange problem:
    when i try to add a new monster to InvasionPro, for example 2009Barnacle.u and when i add the monster table line of the new monster to the InvasionProSettings.ini file, i can’t edit the new monster in the invaders options menu. all it shows is the name in the list but i can’t edit it at all. it says it’s “offline”. maybe you know what i did wrong.
    and now to the 2 suggestions i’d like to show you. maybe you could make an entry in the wave configuration menu which will be called “Random” and which will affect that it will spawn a random monster. so if you have more than 30 monsters installed that you don’t always have to reedit all the waves to be able to use all monsters.
    And the second thing is also some kind of problem. when i add bots to the game they aren’t the players listed in the players selection menu. it will only spawn specific models with specific names. that means when i have custom skins installed the gametype won’t load them. maybe you can fix this? :^)

  15. pete9516

    hey there, got some more suggestions to let you be part of >:D

    – option to disable monster mover (which i think teleports randomly a monster to another place, which i think is annoying if you shoot at a monster and then it randomly teleports to another spot)

    -there seems to be something wrong with the pathleading of the player bots (not monsters). at some point they seem to be stuck in a specific part of path, which i mean they walk 5 meters and then they return to the place they were and do it again unless they get attacked by a monster. maybe it’s because of another mutator but i think this is related to invasion pro game type (even in death match maps)

    -i know there is a bot skill mixer yet, but it doesn’t seem to work properly if you set min and max range to 0-7. this is supposed to spawn random skilled monsters and bots, but when i play with this mutator, it seems like almost every monster has godlike skill. maybe you could make a portable mutator for random skill levels? this would be really cool

    i really hope there will be something like an InvasionPro1_8 or maybe even 1_9 😀 keep up the good work!

  16. pete9516

    PS.: maybe you could enable 3rd person view for vehicles, too? since the game type disables several other 3rd person view mutators :/

  17. pete9516

    PPS.: forgot to say, maybe make it possible to join and to spectate in single player mode (since you won’t need it there :d)

  18. pete9516

    PPPS(lol).: make bots to kill friendly monsters, eg. nali cow, rabbit, etc. when you’re dead so you won’t have to quit the game ;d

  19. pete9516

    oh and if you ever read this thread again and be thinking of making a new version of invasion pro maybe you could make an option to disable the feature that let monsters spawn from a new spawn point when they are not dead yet. and another feature that i miss from versions like 1.4 – 1.6 is compatibility with fhi maps so that monsters would spawn from their respective spawn location (opposite of player’s spawn location).

  20. pete9516

    i just imagined if it would be possible to reenable onslaught’s hud map? to see where you are exactly. don’t know how this would work with monster radar, but maybe it’s a good idea for the next version :^)

  21. pete9516

    just experienced another strange glitch when bots (not monsters) randomly die (probably when idling). maybe this is related to monsters teleport to different locations when idling

  22. pete9516

    Haha 😀 sorry i’m always too late. I just wanted not to keep my experiences away from others with this great gametype. I can imagine you won’t have time to make a new version. I hardly have time to kick monster’s butt 😛
    Just another experience i wanted to share: When playing Onslaught Maps with vehicles, bots unfortunately get stuck, too in the vehicles. I often see this when they are using cicadas and fly up and down and shooting at a certain point for good. It can be that this is caused by some mutators i use. I don’t know. Maybe i’ll try it out without any mutators sometime. But nice to see this website still active cause many good websites went down :/

  23. Demuscas

    Gotta say this is impressive. I like how you are allowed monsters as pets. However, I think that this would be funner if there was a team in the monster’s side. Like when you die, you can join the monster’s side and play as a monster from the list of species to kill the remaining survivors. If this can be added, I’d be really grateful.

  24. Soldier96

    will this work for custom monsters such as the doom 3 ones?

  25. vioiddrivo

    When using InvasionPro and UT2004RPG, what controls the difficulty of the monsters? There seems to be many options to control the difficulty:
    -Monster Skill (Novice, Average, Experienced…)
    -The options for each monster/invader (Health, Damage scale…)
    -The option “Wave difficulty” in “Wave configuration”. It’s unclear to me what this option actually does.
    -In the “Mutator configuration” menu for UT2004RPG, there is option “Auto Adjust Invasion Monster Level”. I guess it makes the monster harder based on the level of the players, but I don’t know if this works with InvasionPro.

    Tips for the newbies:
    Even if you only use InvasionPro, you should still install SatoreMonsterPackV120. A lot of custom monsters seem to rely on files from this mod. It will allow you to have Queens, Titans etc…

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