4 responses to “Aerial View Mutator”

  1.  mr.crow

    hey can you make one that doesn’t use the sniper crosshair in every single weapon? would be really cool. or a separate mutator that features aerial view for vehicles? 🙂 thanks.

  2. s

    you can probably change the xhair settings in the ini

  3. mr.crow

    unfortunately not, what i forgot to mention is that this only happens on ballistic weapons. but i remember there being a mutator that uses standard crosshair texture without changing the size of the crosshair when in 3rd person mode. i got that once from a good server. unfortunately it’s down for good and i lost the files :d

  4. UTfan150

    Hi! Am just wondering if there was a way to change how close to the model the camera is, and if i can edit how offset to the left of the model i want the aerial camera to be? ( as an example, i want to try either an over the shoulder perspective, or maybe have it where the camera is zoomed in enough that the character model is almost as tall as the screen, but offset to the right a little for the crosshair to appear)

    Am a huge fan of all the other mutators thus far as well! The pet mod was a cute addition, and monsterswapper was also another great mutator to mix things up!

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